With its attention on RD, transMed will give Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) a thorough understanding of what is needed to perform advanced research on basic disease questions, and bring the results to the level of a fully registered treatment. To provide a coherent and meaningful framework for this, the consortium focuses on RD, and in doing so the activities use the very recent advances in the EU-project DRUGSFORD (HEALTH-F2-2012-304963) as a spring-board. The successful DRUGSFORD outcomes are thus here combined with innovative drug delivery technology from transMed partners, to promote the further pre-clinical and clinical development of novel drug-DDS combinations.

The transMed objectives are therefore to:

  1. Perform high quality scientific projects, joining pioneering SMEs with the latest academic research
  2. Forward the development of new treatments and DDS for neurodegenerative diseases of the retina
  3. Provide ESRs with a full overview of translational research, i.e. giving them the “big picture”

By revealing disease mechanisms and therapeutic targets, and by encompassing work on how novel insights are translated into therapy development, transMed will provide a unique, comprehensive overview as well as hands-on knowledge of how degenerative diseases of the retina may be treated. Once these principles are learned, they can be applied on a range of diseases and conditions.